Karma Guru Sumeet Kant Kaul is an exceptional healer.  Karma Guru Sumeet Kant Kaul's achievements in this field are remarkable and those who have had the privilege of personally experiencing the work he has done are in awe of his power and seek his guidance, divine blessings and support.

Through his contemporary and Comprehensive approach, he has decoded 60,000-year-old techniques of Karma Yoga, Kashmiri Shaivism and Trika.

Karma Guru Sumeet Kant Kaul has healed many cancers, OCD, depression, psychiatric disorders, thyroid, PCOD and many other life threatening diseases. However, Karma  Guru Sumeet Kant Kaul recommends that one should continue with their conventional and medicinal treatments. Karma healing is not an alternative to conventional medicines. Karma healing and conventional medication should go hand in hand for the well being of an individual.

Apart from his unparalleled achievements in the real of mindfulness,  Karma Guru Sumeet Kant Kaul  is an Engineering graduate, theatre artist, an equity investor and is a managing Director of an engineering company.



    My psoriasis patch of 16 years was unable to be treated despite consulting several doctors and applying their ointments/creams. After 1 session with my teacher Sumeet Sir, my skin was clear. It was miraculous for my family and me to see the patch of Psoriasis gone from my ankle the very next day. This goes to show how most conditions are psychosomatic and I’m so grateful to my teacher for the guidance I’ve received so far


  • TAPASYA Delhi


    After a single session from Sumeet sir for my Multiple Sclerosis, I felt so light that I could walk on my own after several years. My family members were amazed to see me walking without any help after so many years




    I feel more peaceful and I am more focused, balanced and grounded. I know where I have to go in this life. I have a higher level of mental clarity and I feel happier. By practicing this teaching I resolved a lot of grief, sorrow, anger, fear an unforgivness.


  • DR. PURNIMA CHHIBBER New Delhi, India

    "My mouth ulcers healed instantly…Every class with KarmaGuru Sumant Kaul is so magical! As a senior doctor with Government of India, this technique has given me a chance to understand medical and healing science deeply. .”