Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Prophet Muhammad were MINDFUL and NOT SPIRITUAL. They looked for sage inside themselves and this is what guided them to the Supreme Pure Consciousness


Master Sumant Kaul is a dynamic mentor gifted with the penultimate power and blessing of Shiva- Supreme Pure Consciousness. His passionate and spirited approach to teach ACTUAL KARMA YOGA enthralls students all across the globe. Awarded in the field of ‘Karma Yoga’ by India’s Leading newspaper, his vision and mission to spread this message has put the world in a grand metamorphosis.


With the divine grace, miracle and mysticism of Shiva- the Supreme Pure Consciousness,Master Kaul has been able to support and heal health, wealth and emotional traumas of thousands trapped in the gigantic labyrinth of Karma through the 60,000-year- old technique of Science of Consciousness and Karma Yoga based on Kashmiri Shaivism, Trika and actual Karma Yoga. He is also a member of National Guild of Hypnotists,USA.


My story for this life also begins where is begins for everyone - with my Mother. Though mine took a different track than most.

My mother was a very mindful lady. She used to perform great austerities and daily prayers were offered mornings and evenings. Everyone in the family took part in these without exception. We fasted often and Regular ‘Yagnas’ (Sacred fire rituals and prayers) were held at our home, and many people used to be invited to join and partake in the blessings and the holy offerings that culminated the Yagnas.


I was the youngest of 5 children. And even at the tender age of 3, I knew I was different. I could foresee things others couldn’t, and had the knowledge of Karma even as a child. I’ve been told that back then I used to guide people and suggest what to do and what not to do regarding their situations. Even I recall a few such incidents.

By the time I was 7, my psychic abilities were much sharper. But it wasn’t till someone very precious to me was suffering, that I took giant leaps towards awakening what was inside.


Growing up in the 1960’s, I recall seeing my parents working hard to make a life and feed their 5 children, providing the best for them.

India was still young post her Independence, and it was a world very different from what you see today. My father had walked away from the ancestral business with nothing in his pocket and had to start afresh. Can you imagine the resolve he must have had, and my mother, for supporting him unconditionally.


India has a sea of so-called self-proclaimed teachers/ gurus, who claim to have access to the Divine. I was also in search of a teacher, but I wanted to find a true God- Realized teacher, like Buddha. He looked perfect in all his photos that depicted his transcendence. Serene and untouched by things of this world.

And so I travelled across the globe to find a teacher with that quality. With due gratitude I admit to having met great teachers, friends, who had knowledge, who were charming and convincing... but I still didn’t find what I was looking for.


Abundance was a concept I grew up with, and now believe that I was actually born with. Even as a child I did not speak nor think, on most topics, as others my age or older.

When I was 8 years old, the president’s salary was INR 5000/- (USD 80), and an ordinary person was probably earning about INR 500/- per month.

Even then I had no concept of ‘less’ or ‘little’. I used to walk around asking my friends how many million dollars their fathers were earning.


I never really had an ordinary childhood. Innocent, yes, but ordinary?? Not really. Even at a very young age I had a strong unconscious belief - The belief that I had to battle evil. I could not digest the thought of any misdeed done to or by anyone.

One incident is etched clearly in my mind. Roughly 6 kms away from my home, there was a crossing. As I was walking by, I saw a bunch of tall grown up boys harassing girls by throwing water filled balloons on them.


Around 1982, I had gone for a friends birthday get together and was introduced to Shri Navin Bhai Shah, the Chief Organizer and Vice Chairman of All India Congress Seva Dal. A frontal and very powerful organization of the ruling party of India, who’s Chairperson was Mrs. Indira Gandhi, the PM of our country, which is also the biggest democracy in the world.

MY GAME – The Airtel story

During the days when Ericsson completely advised Airtel for Mobile Telephony Operations, I collaborated with Bharti Airtel as channel partner. Many of the jointMarketing activities of my organization and Airtel were funded by me personally, and as a (super successful) promotional strategy, I declared incoming calls FREE and gave away premium goodies like diamond pendants, Ray Ban shades, Kodak cameras, and mobile phones for free and also at subsidized rates.