Science of Consciousness and Karma Yoga


One must have exceptional good karma to stumble upon such a profound technique of Science of Consciousness and Karma Yoga. Buddha practised one of 112 techniques of Shiva to attain enlightenment.

It will help sadhaks(practitioners) to identify, release and balance deep seated debt mindset that creates money problems suffering of children in debt , always having less money, job losses ,business losses, family fights, tensions and betrayals,misunderstanding about soul mates and unnecessarily getting into wrong relationships,marrying wrong partners thus spoiling each other’s lives and giving births to souls which were not supposed to be there through them, getting into a gigantic samskara(huge karmic debt) which will take them eons of numerous lives to cover and recover if at all they have good karma.

People who reach this knowledge are great philosophers and aestheticians, and of very high level caliber. Many times we find that even in India, people do not know these levels of teachings.


  • Different Dimensions and stages of universe and spirit world including its mystery,mysticism and miracle of Supreme pure consciousness
  • Learning about Pitru Dosha(ancestral defect)How to identify if one has ancestral defects
  • Demo Session of Healing with Masters
  • Ancient secrets of Karma
  • The Technique to work on DNA and Cell Membrane to be able to follow 11 principles of Karma Yoga
  • Positive Affirmations in Samadhi State
  • The Prayer of Forgiveness in Samadhi State
  • What is Kundalini & its different types.
  • Guru Yoga- Qualities of a teacher and role of a teacher
  • Exercise: Channelling the spirit guide and Masters
  • Meditation Script for Manifesting Wealth
  • Special meditation and prayer for releasing ancestral defect
  • Working deeply on old memories and releasing fears and hidden karmic oaths
  • Prayer for resolving money karma and Meditation Script for Wealth
  • Understanding the importance of forgiveness and prayer for daily forgiveness
  • Technique of having instant success
  • Understanding short term and long term effects of Karma
  • Technique to design your own future
  • Chanting of Seed Mantras to purify and balance mind, body and Spirit