Science of Consciousness and Karma Yoga


Science of Consciousness and Karma Yoga is a mindful technique based on scientific facts leading one to a life of a modern yogi and also lead a normal life with extraordinary moments that brings you lot of joy, wealth and love in relationships and success in career.This technique is supposed to be the highest and 60,000-year- old technique based on Concept of Shaivism, Trika and Actual Karma Yoga. Science of Consciousness and Karma Yoga is the only course in the world teaching the 8 th Chakra Meditation.

The epicenter of this course is the concept of Karma, its intricacies and how it influences and affects our lives. How karma is the absolute law and how we can manage and resolve our karma in the best possible ways. This Universal Law is decoded and techniques are taught to manage and resolve our karma in the best possible ways.

Karma Healing – A special technique of healing is taught to heal us from the traumas of our past and release us from any adverse beliefs and oaths!! In this technique, we tap into the power of our subconscious mind and liberate ourselves from the negative karmic cycles. This method is highly effective and has a successfully proven record to have transformed lives.  This course makes us fully aware of our lives and enables us to be the master of our destiny.


  • Learning and understanding the 60,000-year old technique of Shaivism and Trika
  • Understanding what exactly Karma is and the Types of Karma
  • Script of Karma Lotus meditation and 8 th Chakra Meditation- the ancient spinal breath and the profound secret technique of 8th Chakra Samadhi meditation
  • Mantra Chanting in Samadhi state
  • The Technique to resolve huge karmic debts(samskaras)
  • Ancient secret of Karma Yoga- discussing 11 unwholesome actions one must avoid
  • Karma Healing structure decoded- learning the technique of Karma healing and how to heal any issue in life and healing others
  • Learning the technique of cutting Karmic Chord to resolve any issue with a particular person
  • Concept of Supreme pure consciousness and Evolution of a Human
  • Intricacies of Karma and understanding power of thought through a scientific experiment
  • Seeds of Karma Healing
  • Learning an ancient concept of Psychic Reading
  • Scientific facts behind the importance of meditation and different brain waves during meditation. Exercise: Removing psychic hooks, evil eye
  • Brief concept of Epigenetics- how our environment rules our karma
  • Concept of Indriyans and understanding our main purpose on planet Earth
  • Concept of universe according to Trika philosophy