Karma Yoga

THE LAW OF KARMA is the ABSOLUTE FUNDAMENTAL LAW of our Universe. It is Supreme – It is the basic principal on which our world exists. The one who can truly understand the intricacies of this law, and master them is liberated! Every person on Earth knows that he or she bears the fruit of his or her actions. Even then one may question this law – however that is only due to ignorance related to the Law, or just basic ignorance and denial.

The Great Master, Jesus, also known as ‘the son of God’, met with the most violent of ends, that too at the hands of his own people. Have you ever wondered why? How could a Master, someone who is worshipped as God be crucified? He clearly had divinity in him, why didn’t he just escape? Vanish? NOT be crucified? Let me tell you why. Because even he had to submit to THE LAW OF KARMA. The Law demanded this of him, inspite of a divine ‘avataar’, and being an all knowing Master, he knew that this was the way to go.!

Lord Krishna, another supremely powerful master. His divinity and power was undeniable. And yet, from the time of his birth he had faced many difficulties, including his own uncle ‘Kansa’ trying to murder him. Much later, we also witnessed how he did not save Abhimanyu, his own nephew. He did not save the many men who died in battle fighting on his side. Why?? Do you think he couldn’t?? Of course he could. But he CHOSE to submit to the LAW OF KARMA with due honor.


Lord Rama, The ‘Maryada Purushotam’, the master of great virtues, obeyed his father King Dasharatha’s command to go to exile for 14 years and fulfilled the wish of his stepmother, King Dashratha’s third wife Kaykeyi, who was blinded by greed for getting the throne for her own son Bharata.

Lord Rama’s father King Dashratha, while on a hunting expedition killed Shravan Kumar thinking it was an animal drinking water. Sharavan Kumar’s blind parents who were thirsty and waiting for their son to fetch water for them, died cursing King Dashratha saying that he too will have a similar fate. Ultimately, Dashratha did meet a similar fate of sorrow due to separation from not one but two of his sons, Lord Rama and Laxman. Had he not married thrice and believed in the sanctity of all lives, a lot of sorrow and destruction would have been avoided. Had he not given a promise to his third wife Kaikeyi to fulfill her any wish, had he honored the feelings of his first wife and stayed monogamous, had he not been in the habit of taking innocent lives of animals for sport and pleasure, he would not have been out there that day, he would not have killed Shravan Kumar by mistake and he would not have been cursed. Lord Rama's exile would never have happened.

Lord Budda sharavan karma

Lord Buddha’s teachings mostly revolve around the concept of Karma and not only did he practice it himself , knowing that this was THE KEY, he made sure his disciples understood this too. In fact one of his closest disciples, Maudgalyayana, in spite of his highest knowledge and the gifts and powers that it brings, died at the hands of bandits in a forest. He could have saved himself, Buddha could have saved him, but they both knew that KARMA reigns supreme, and understanding that being killed by bandits in a forest was coming from a past life where he had a hand in his own parents dying in a similar fashion, he willingly allowed this Karmic transaction to be balanced.

The reason we used their example is to show how the law of Karma applied to even ‘Gods’ on Earth! Karma applies to everyone!! The only difference is that they rose above their Karma and could master it.
KARMA YOGA helps achieve that. Now, don’t confuse KARMA YOGA with what you generally hear and read. It is not YOGA. It is not selfless action.
The things they teach in yoga teachers training courses, or other sites of so called teachers, are also not the true definition of KARMA YOGA.
KARMA YOGA is all about practicing MINDFULNESS.

It begins with understanding the intricacies of Karma and how Karma works, and then through wisdom of Supreme Pure Consciousness, we learn how to resolve all our existing negative karmas, and how not to create new negative karma.
Shahrukh Khan’s infamous statement,’’ Don’t philosophise until you’re rich first’’, is partially what we teach that a beggar cannot teach business management. An ascetic cannot teach how to have a good family life. You can only learn the above from a man who has followed the path of ACTUAL KARMA YOGA and created abundance in his business and family life.
It is a blessing to learn this beautiful art which befriends the fundamental Laws of the Universe – as they are the reason for everything. Through this technique we can master our Karma and make our lives heaven on Earth. This is the ‘Ram Baan’, the ultimate knowledge that can set you free and keep you from getting stuck again.