We met students practicing the technique of Science of Consciousness & Karmayoga Healing after learning it from KarmaGuru Sumant and Sumeet Kaul. Here are excerpts from the interview…

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How is this technique different from other techniques taught all over the world?
Science of Consciousness & Karmayoga Healing is the only meditation technique in the world, which alters your brain frequency to Delta state (slowest brain frequency). With practice, you can even venture beyond the Samadhi State (transcendence state) in which you can transform your karmic patterns causing suffering in your life.

This technique was kept a secret for thousands of years and was taught only to people who were ready. KarmaGuru Sumant Kaul & Sumeet Kaul, who come from the lineage of Kashmiri Shaivik Brahmins, have brought forward this ancient technique.

If one follows the technique exactly the way it is taught by KarmaGuru, one can instantly transform his or her negative circumstances into happiness and joy.

Can this technique heal Health issues?
Through the healing sessions, you will release negative feelings, eliminate pain and suffering, release unconscious blocks and patterns, achieve clarity in your life, heal physical challenges in the body and resolve all your problems.

For example, a woman suffering from Breast Cancer usually has a history of separation from mother or children. Woman with uterus issues usually have history of rejection by husband or abuse. People who have kidney issues must have experienced family filtering them out. So, we have been taught the techniques which can karmically resolve these issues fundamentally for permanent healing to happen. Many students have healed diabetes, Depression, Back Pain, Anxiety, Cancer, Kidney Stones, Thyroid etc through this technique.

How can we heal Pitru Dosh (Ancestral Defect) and life permanently?
All relationship problems arise due to Karmic Oaths, which our unconscious mind stores due to unhappy childhood or genetic memories. These improper oaths (buried in deep karmic levels) result in a lonely, difficult life.

Our unconscious mind carries our soul program from different lifetimes. We also carry many beliefs in our unconscious mind because of our ancestors (as we have their DNA). These Karmic oaths or Pitru Dosha can be healed through Karmic healing.

How do we know that we are suffering from Ancestral Defect ?
There are some red flags – endless problems, relationship troubles, ailing children, mental disabilities, untimely death in the family, progeny issues, delay in marriage, debts, financial crunch etc.

What is Samadhi State?
Samadhi is a state beyond the brain frequency of zero when you can see your body separate from you and once that happens, all your karmas will resolve automatically. This state can only be achieved by people who follow the 11 steps of Karma Yoga. One of the techniques which the masters teach to attain Samadhi State is a 60,000-year-old Secret meditation called 8th Chakra Meditation through which a practitioner can achieve union with the divine.