We will take you on a journey beyond the realms of your mind using ancient techniques which were kept a secret until now. These techniques will bring marvelous and instantaneous healing in your life. The Retreat will specifically focus on healing diseases such as depression, anxiety, Thyroid, arthritis, High BP, Back Pain , Allergies etc.

In our seminars, we teach you a special mantra along with 60,000 secret meditation techniques to resolve Pitru Dosha or ancestral defect.

Like us, our ancestors took Karmic oaths in our previous lives and never fulfilled them. We should identify these oaths and fulfill them to resolve all issues.

This is a super advanced course and will change your life forever. After attending our Retreat Programme, you will be certified as Karma Yoga Healing Practitioner.

This will empower you to heal yourself and others through the technique known only to the great masters.

Despite so many modalities in the world, why are people not fundamentally changing?
All the meditation techniques in the world have been taken from one source - Kashmiri Shaivism. Lord Buddha also used one of those techniques to attain enlightenment.

To get results, techniques must be based on true principles of Karma Yoga, which these modalities and even the Internet does not know about. We not only teach Samadhi Meditation but also the scientific technique to follow actual Karma Yoga, which is the missing link in all modalities. Gyan Yoga, Raja Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Bhakti Yoga and all the other forms of Yoga come under Science of Consciousness and Karma Yoga.