What Students Say?

Sometimes drama of life makes you forget who you are, what you like and dislike, what are your interests and what's your purpose in life. The Karma

SYLVIA RAFIDI Jordan, Interior Designer
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I particularly appreciate the emphasis on mindfulness and the practical, everyday dimension of AKCH where every movement, thought, moment

ERZEBET STRAUSZ Hungary, Professor
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No words in any language will justify my gratitude for the mentors for sharing the divine knowledge with us. The indescribable experience of tasting

ASHNA DHUPER India, Businesswoman
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The Retreat has been truly divine. There have been humongous positive changes at such deep levels that it feels blissful; All I can say is that the

RAHUL HIRANI India, Kimaya Group
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I am born anew
The past has faded
as if it never existed
The future not revealed
I am aware of your music
mother Earth
.....and father

ALPANA DHUPER India, Businesswoman
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Meet Our Mentors

Sumant Kaul

Master Sumant Kaul

is a dynamic mentor gifted with the penultimate power and blessing of Shiva- Supreme Pure Consciousness. His passionate and spirited approach to teach ACTUAL KARMA YOGA enthralls students all across the globe. Awarded in the field of 'Karma Yoga' by India's Leading newspaper, his vision and mission to spread this message has put the world in a grand metamorphosis.

Nix Maxwell

Master Sumeet Kaul

is by far the best Healer this world has seen. His track record is exceptional and can dazzle anyone who has had the privilege of seeing the work he has done. He has healed patients from life threatening diseases like cancer, depression, high blood pressure, smoke cessation, OCD, anxiety neurosis, schizophrenia, traumas, hypothyroidism, abuse issues, vitamin deficiencies etc.

How can we eradicate karmas in our lives

Walkthrough Videos & Demos

' I healed my stage 3 cancer through Karma Healing sessions' - Adil Kader Jaffer